About Iceland

Iceland is an island located in the North Atlantic Ocean. Iceland is 103,000 km2 in size. The population is 321,857 which makes Iceland the least populated country in Europe. The population has grown in the past ten years by an annual average growth rate of 1.1%.Icelands position is on the 66th parallel, with one peninsula reaching into the Arctic circle, that means the northern lights are visible in the very dark winters.

Iceland has a spectacular nature which is famous for glaciers, volcanoes, hot springs and its geothermal energy. In Iceland travelers can seek adventures like water rafting, glacial snowmobiling and hot spring bathing. Iceland is also known for the beautiful Northern lights that can be seen in the midnight sun. In Iceland you can ride the unique Icelandic Pony around a moss-covered lava field in the morning, visit the Blue lagoon or other geothermal pools that Iceland has to offer. Travelers can also go whale watching or fishing.

The wather in Iceland is not as cold as people think. It is warmed by the Gulf Stream. Iceland has a surprisingly temperate climate for its latitude. Comparable to New England, winter temperatures average at a mild 0 to -10 degrees Celsius (32 to 14 F). In summer, temperatures range between 10 and 25°C (50-77 F).

Iceland is known for more than beautiful landscape. It is the homeland for successful musicians and bands like Sigurrós, Björk, Of Monsters and Men. Other accomplished Icelanders include 3 different winners of the Miss World competition and two strongmen who each won the World’s Strongest Man competition four times over.

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