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As Icelanders, we know that our country is beautiful. But hey, who does not think that of his/hers country? Well, most do. With this site we would like to point out to you what options you have to stay healthy and fit even while you travel. All too often travelers are faced with unhealthy food choices and many times no choices to exercise. This site will help you do just the opposite; stay active and eat good, nutritionally sound food, whether you cook it in your hotel room or go out to eat.

This site does not only suite travelers but Icelanders as well.

We do have the expertise to help you chose right. We are educated in Physical Education, nutrition and business and use every opportunity to travel, exercise and eat good, healthy food.

Thanks for visiting our site! 🙂

Steinar [Stain-R], Phys. Ed., M.Sc., RD, and Sandra, M.Sc Business

Steinar’s Bike Riding on Strava!

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