Mývatn region

Lake Mývatn is a beautiful lake area in North East Iceland. It is the forth largest lake in Iceland or 37 Km2 in size. It has a shoreline deeply incised by numerous small creeks ans speckled with about 50 islands ans small islets. Mývatn lake is very shallow, so sunlight reaches the bottom practically everywhere. Since the Mývatn region is among Iceland´s sunniest regions, vigorous photosynthesis takes place in the waters of the lake. Consequently Mývatn is particularly rich in nutrition and is Icelands most fertile freshwater lake.
Mývatn region is famous for its birdlife, various species of duck and wetland birds, on the lake and in the area. In the summer more species of duck have made their homes in the Mývatn region than in any other location on earth. Lake Mývatn is protected by law and has been placed on a register of internationally significant marshland areas.

Craters and volcanoes have sculpted the landscape of the Mývatn region, many that are famous attractions; e.g. the volcanic craters at Krafla, Hverfjall, Lúdentsborgira and Þrengslaborgir. These have produced the huge quantities of lava that strongly makes its mark on the landscape. On the North-West slope of Krafla volcano is the explosion crater Víti, 300 metres in diameter. At the bottom of Víti there is a green but fires ones raged there. The boundless energy that rumbles in the bowels of the earth has been hamessed to some extent. Like building geothermal steam plants at Krafla volcano and Bjarnarflag high temperature area. The geothermal eastern slopes of Námafjall maountain represent one of Iceland´s most extensive tracts of boiling sulphuric clay pits.

The Mývatn district is well populates by farms and the village of Reykjahlíð where all general services may be obtained. Tourism is an important industry and there is a variety of accommodation in the area. The Mývatn Nature Baths give visitors the opportuninty to relax and enjoy physical and mental recreation in a beautiful natural environment.

Eight kilometers south of Reykjahlíð is Dimmuborgir, one of Iceland´s most beautiflu and desireble places in Iceland. Dimmuborgir is known for its mystical lava formations, holed pillars of rock, domes and caves. The climate and natural environment of the Mývatn region invariably leaves a lasting impression on all visitors.

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