Sigur Rós appears in The Simpsons!

Icelandic music legends Sigur Rós are all set to star in the season finale episode of The Simpsons! As well as being animated as part of the action, the band have composed music to feature in the episode and are expected to cover the iconic theme tune

Following in the animated footsteps of U2, Rolling Stones and Daft Punk, Icelandic band Sigur Rós are the latest music greats set to star in series The Simpsons! The Icelandic music legends will make an appearance in the 24th season finale which will be aired on May 19th in the US.

The finale sees Homer and the gang have a run-in with the band in Reykjavik with plenty of animated Icelandic adventures ensuing. As if a guest appearance wasn’t enough, Sigur Rós have also composed music for the episode and are expected to cover the iconic Danny Elfman theme song for the occasion……..

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